The party of 15 Bowlers and 3 Spouses left the Clubhouse on 3rd April at 05.20, using two minibuses to catch the Easy Jet flight to Faro, Portugal, from Bristol Airport.

On arrival at our destination, The Eden Resort, Albufeira, on the Algarve, we found that our apartments and the all inclusive catering were excellent.  It wasn’t quite as peaceful as some had hoped as the later part of the weeks stay coincided with the Easter school holidays.

Our first match was unfortunately cancelled due to the high incidence of the hosts’ players testing positive for Covid.  However, they did kindly allow us the use of their green and also let us use one of their players, to make up four rinks.

At the Balaia (Portuguese for whale) Bowling Club, we played friendly matches amongst ourselves.  The Rink skipped by Roger Bond defeated Roy Willetts Rink by: 20 shots to 16 over 21 ends.  The Rinks skipped by Mike Gilbert and Mike Beckett played out a: 17 to 17 shot draw.  A good practice session in the warm Portugal sunshine.

The weather, while a little cloudy and cool at first, gradually warmed up as the week progressed.  Most of the group were able to use some free time in the nearby town of Albufeira, with its long sandy beach, and walks through the town to the harbour and marina.  There was evidence of some indulging in a little retail therapy, while others relaxed by the resort pools, or took advantage of the copious food and drinks on offer.

Our second game was against Pedras Da Rainha Bowls Club (they also lent us a player, John).  The game was played in a lovely setting in very warm and pleasant conditions.  Unfortunately, our previous practice session seemed to elude most of us, and we lost on all four rinks over 18 ends.

Roger Bond’s rink went down to a creditable 15 shots to 19 loss.  Roy Willet’s rink suffered a 12 shots to 21 defeat.  Mike Beckett’s rink lost 13 shots to 23 and Mike Gilbert’s rink took a heavy loss at 6 shots to 31.

Pedras Da Rainha is a very friendly club who looked after us very well indeed.  Bottles wine from the hosts even went to all members of our best losing rink!

Saturday morning was our last match against Valverde Bowls Clubin Almancil.  Unfortunately the message that we were one player short had not reached the club and there were no spare players available to help us out.  We decided to play three rinks and one triple.

Roger Band’s team drew the short straw and had to borrow one extra wood each.  They eventually went down by 6 shots to 21 shots.  All our rinks lost.  Roy Willett’s rink by 9 shots to 23.  Mike Gilbert’s rink by 14 shots to 19 and Mike Beckett’s rink by 14 shots to 20. 

All games were played in a lovely friendly atmosphere and with the sun on our backs.

Medallions were presented by the hosts to the best losing team, Mike Gilbert’s rink.

We are grateful to Roy Willett and Mike Beckett as organisers-in-chief, for such a good trip to the Algarve, Portugal.

To finish on a lighter note – and although he will not agree – on our 04.00 departure from the resort, Roy Willett managed to leave his two suitcases in Reception.  The fact that they were missing was only discovered when we reached Faro Airport.  Emma joked that she would rather have had their cases and left Roy in Reception!!!  Not something Roy will do again in a hurry, especially as he had to empty his wallet to arrange for Reception to organise a taxi to get the cases to the Airport before the flight left.

Mike Gilbert – bowls captain for the tour

(Bowling members other than the skips mentioned above, in no particular order :- 
Karen Atkins, Moira Withey, Steve Fosdyke, Annette Smith, Betty Gilbert, Wendy Ashley, Gilly Sims, Alex Green, Barbara Nicholls, Jan Mountford, Kevin Atkins.
Non bowling spouses on the trip :-Emma Willett, Shirley Bond, Linda Green.)

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